Tesla Model Y Delivery Wait Time

Tesla Model Y Delivery Wait Time

Are you intrigued by the gorgeous Tesla Model Y and want to buy that beauty as your ride? But you are not sure how much the Tesla Model Y delivery wait time is.

We are going to provide an extensive guide about the whole procedure and the wait time for the delivery—first a little preview of the Tesla Model Y.

About Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is an electric compact crossover utility vehicle (CUV). It started deliveries on March 13, 2020.

Let us talk all about the current 2021 Tesla Model Y. How long you will have to wait to get the actual delivery date of your car after ordering it.

Tesla Model Y delivery wait time: Complete Timeline

Get your Tesla Model Y delivered to you easily and within a short time limit. When you are done with placing an order for your vehicle, go for the completion of the required delivery tasks.

Delivery Tasks

Immediately after your order, get ready to receive your delivery tasks by signing into your Tesla Account. Complete the required delivery tasks promptly because you will then get your VIN assigned to you.

Delivery details

  1. You have to give details about delivery location
  2. Get registration of the car
  3. Make trade-in ready
  4. Your payment procedure

Scheduling for a delivery date and time

You are free to schedule any date for the delivery of your car. Tesla will contact you to appoint a date for the delivery. Be ready to complete your tasks real quick because that will affect your timing for the vehicle availability.

Though other factors also affect the timely delivery of vehicles like car production and logistics.

VIN Assignment

If you are done with your delivery tasks, then be ready to be assigned with your VIN. You will simply get all information about your VIN on the Tesla account.

Get your pre-delivery documents and final payments ready

Submit all the requisite documents and final payments of your vehicle before taking an appointment for the delivery.

Keep these documents with you at the time of delivery.

Make sure that if you have made any financing and leasing with Tesla, then you are going to e-sign your documents on your account.

Learn to use Tesla App and charging method before

Tesla can be charged anywhere, and the charging method is convenient, yet you need to understand about installing home charging equipment and supercharging methods.

Download the Tesla app before your delivery appointment because your Tesla will automatically pair with your app on the day when the car is delivered.

Requirements for the delivery day

  1. Get your final payment with you
  2. Don’t forget your driving license
  3. Check your auto insurance too
  4. Keep your trade-in ownership documents with you before receiving your car.

How to pick your Tesla?

Tesla has made it so easy for its customers to buy and receive their favorite car according to their liking.

Pick up your Model Y from a Tesla location

Express Delivery

You can take your Model Y delivery at a Tesla location in Express Delivery.

Model Y delivered to your location

Tesla Direct

Your car will be delivered directly to your given delivery address in our Tesla Direct method.

Carrier Direct

Carrier Direct is a fee-based option for those who live more than 220 miles from the nearest Tesla center. They can take delivery from an independent carrier.

Why is Model Y a top priority for Tesla?

Tesla Model Y is a top priority for Tesla itself.

The difference between the production of Model X and Model Y is staggering. Hence, Tesla’s focus is very much towards Model Y due to its escalating demand in the market.

It has become a mass model vehicle in no time. That is the reason why its delivery process in 2020-2021 Is incredibly fast.


Tesla Model Y delivery wait time is really quick in 2021 because of the popularity of the vehicle. So, all those who are afraid of the long waiting time for the Tesla car delivery, we have come up with the best solution for you.

Why not get a used Tesla Model Y within a few days, and that too at considerably more prices as compared to the new ones. Visit our website now and let us make your quick purchase process a smooth and secure one.

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