2021 Tesla Colors: A Wide Range to Choose from!

2021 Tesla Colors: A Wide Range to Choose from!

Tesla has been able to retain its name not only as a pioneer electric vehicle company but also for producing the most stylish and compelling car design and overall look. When choosing the 2021 Tesla colors, the design team at Tesla is mindful of the fact that the appearance of the car is just as important as its technical specifications. The latest 2021 Tesla models come in an extensive range of colors that suits every type of persona.

2021 Tesla Model X Colors

Tesla Model X is accessible to its users in 5 stunning colors.

1. Solid Black

This black beauty is a dream car for the smart and elegant ones. Shine bright with this awe-inspiring and forever graceful color.

2. Blue Metallic

Blue metallic is surely the most vibrant among all Tesla colors. You will want to sink into its magnificence like a deep blue sea flowing on the roads.

3. Grey Metallic

This Grey Metallic color of Tesla model X often enchants people who opt for decency in their belongings. Show your class with this grey charm.

4. Red

Red Tesla Model X has a unique charm. Are you a fun-loving and lively person? Then this color would be most likely to suit your personality.

5. Pearl White

Pearl white Model X,  like a shiny pearl, is the best to hide scratches.

2021 Tesla Colors - Model X Pearl White

2021 Tesla Model Y Color Variants

Tesla Model Y also comes in 5 amazing colors.

1. Solid Black

Again this Solid Black colored Tesla Model Y car is a hit. Then why not have a ride on it?

2. Red Multi-Coat

The Red Multi-Coat model though expensive but is always intriguing for its buyers.

3. Pearl White Multi-Coat

This beauty is pure elegance and grace. The Pearl White Multi-Coat of Model Y always trends.

4. Midnight Silver Metallic

Midnight silver metallic is a unique 2021 Tesla color of Model Y. It is a dull black shade with a sleek touch.

5. Deep Blue Metallic

Deep Blue Metallic color is a fantasy of every man. This one is going to make you all blue clubs fall in love with it for sure.

2021 Tesla Model S Colors

Tesla Model S 2021 offers five stunning colors.

1. Grey Metallic

Just like white, the Grey Metallic color is much in demand because it can hide the dirt and scratches just perfectly.

Tesla Model S grey metallic  - Tesla Colors

2. Red

Buy a 2021 Tesla model S Red to channel your inner vibrance. Like every year, it is still in demand this year.

3. Blue Metallic

Blue metallic color will shine the most in bright sunlight. It is the best Tesla ride to take in broad daylight.

4. Solid Black

Solid black just looks wonderful at night. There is nothing classier than a Tesla Model S black in the moonlight.

Tesla Model S Black

5. Pearl White

Pearl white Model S is always sought-after as it is easy to maintain.

2021 Tesla Model 3 Color Variants

Like all other Tesla models, Model 3 also comes in 5 diverse color tones.

1. Solid Black

Oh yes, the Solid Black color in Tesla Model 3 is a solid hit.

2. Red 

Red-colored Tesla cars will indeed make you feel special with their amazing shine and beauty.

3. Pearl White

Pearl White is among those Tesla colors whose demand never diminishes. Classics never go out of demand, do they?

Tesla Model 3 Pearl White - Tesla Colors

4. Deep Blue Metallic

Deep Blue Metallic is a color that is loved by those who are fun-loving and youthful by heart.

5. Silver Metallic

Shine like a star and ride our majestic Silver Metallic Tesla Model 3 car. This speedster would look like a shooting star to the onlookers.

Tesla Colors Bottom line

Who wouldn’t want a full-fledged package that offers not just sustainability but also the best designs and a wide range of colors to choose from?

So, go buy your very own Tesla today and opt for the color that goes well with your vibe. After all, your possessions are a reflection of your personality.

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