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Loan CalculatorTesla Model X For Sale – Things to Consider While Buying And Selling

Tesla is an automotive company that aspires to shift the focus of people to renewable energy sources like electric cars, etc. It’s been producing electric vehicles since 2009 when it introduced the first-ever car model, the Roadster. Being the pioneer automotive industry, it has produced several models, namely Model S, X, 3, and Y, that came subsequently after Roadster. With its innovative and unique models, Tesla has become the second most valued automobile company in the world. It has some cool models having attractive designs like those with the glass roof is another beautiful addition. However, Tesla’s speed and eco-friendliness are the things that add to its beauty and demand.


Model X 

After the successful launch of the Roadster in 2009 and the Model S sedan in 2012, Tesla introduced its Model X SUV in 2015. It’s a medium-sized luxury car that was assembled in California, United States.


Body and Framework of Model X

It’s a hybrid 5-door SUV model having standard frontal doors and Falcon-wing hind doors.



Model X is a dual electric model having a variety of further sub-categories like 60D, 70D, 75D, 90D, 100D, P90D, and P100D. These all models have their specific battery power.


Design and Specifications

Tesla Model X has a stylish interior having a windscreen display. It’s a real treat for all the speed fanatics as not only is it fast, but the steering is also air-plane style. So, that you can get the feeling as if you are flying a plane. There is a 17″ front wide-screen display and a rear 8″ display, which would make your journey entertaining. Moreover, it acquires a huge cargo space and is available with four lithium-ion battery packs. It offers a furious speed of 60 mph in mere 2.6 seconds. It has an all-wheel-drive system and utilizes two motors; one is used for moving front wheels while the other one is for the rear wheels. It has a towing capacity of 2250 kg; for such a lavish-looking car, it seems difficult to imagine that it would drag such a heavy burden.


Things to examine before buying a Tesla Model X

One should consider the following aspects before buying a Tesla Model X:

  1. Always use a referral link to place your order for the Tesla model. It would be handy for your sales advisor to apply and create your order.
  2. You can even ask Tesla to offer to take an inventory card that may or may not match the configuration. The company may offer you free upgraded tires, improved interior, sometimes even an upgraded battery capacity to boost up their sales.
  3. You have 7 days or 1000 miles after taking the delivery to try it out and return it for a full refund if you are unsatisfied with your Tesla Model X.
  4. VIN decoder in a Tesla Model X will help you to find out the owner’s model claim. You must have the VIN of the car.
  5. It is always better to check the warranty and the status of your model before buying it, whether it is damaged by any accident or not?
  6. Do check the detailed battery information in each of the buyer’s guides.


Things to check before selling a Tesla Model X For Sale

Used Tesla cars are easier to sell than the other electric car models, and it has also been shown in a recent study. The pandemic has caused a decline in the sales market all over the world. The graph of Tesla cars being sold has shown escalation. So, if you are going to sell your Tesla Model X, just keep in mind the following factors:

  1. Provide proper guidance to your buyer about whether there has been an accident or what year exactly you bought the car.
  2. They would be happy to know that they are going to have unlimited free supercharging for their whole life.
  3. Remove all your details and stuff from the car before handing it out to the buyer.
  4. There are two options for selling your Tesla X; either you can sell your car through a dealer or privately.

1. Selling through a dealer

You can consult dealers who have a lot of inventory, just like us. In this way, you will be able to make your sales process more efficacious and quick because it will attract more potential buyers. The overall process would also be quick and smooth.


2. Selling privately

A variety of websites have also been working that advertise the buying and selling of used Tesla cars. But Tesla’s For Sale is one of the most trustworthy websites to buy and sell Tesla at the best rates.


3. Tesla Model X For Sale

The production rate of the Tesla Model X is low as compared to its growing demand in the market. People usually have to wait for months to get their zero-meter cars after applying. That is the reason why used Tesla cars are also easily sold and are highly feasible. Model X was also ranked as the best-selling electric vehicle in the year 2016 in Norway. It has won several records mentioning it as the best selling car of the year and award winner in different other categories. It also holds a Guinness world record for towing the heaviest weight in the electric vehicle category.


How affordable is the Tesla Model X?

It’s a great option for buyers who want to have an all-electric SUV with such a high speed. It’s effective, luxurious, and quicker than many other options in the market. The latest Tesla Model X Long-range 4dr SUV AWD is the least expensive among all other versions. One of the reasons why the prices are slightly higher is that the demand has been surpassing the supply at the moment.


You can have a look at our loan calculator to check whether the Tesla Model X falls within your budget.

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