Used Tesla Model X for Sale: A Comprehensive Review

Used Tesla Model X for Sale: A Comprehensive Review

Tesla’s Model X has been around a while, but its dynamic looks and performance still keeps turning heads. It’s one of the most desirable luxury SUVs, with nothing quite like it to compete the amazing EV range, high-tech interiors, and falcon-wing doors. 

How’s that, you might wonder? Well, the Model X Plaid has three electric motors with 1020 horsepower. Therefore, it can launch from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Also, there’s seating for up to 7 passengers. 

So, start your search for Tesla Model X for sale today!

Used Tesla Model X For Sale Overview: Unleash the Beast 

Performance of Tesla Model X 

The Tesla brand has portrayed its performance as the calling card, and the midsized Model X lives up to that promise. Even the basic Model X comes with 670 hp and can quickly accelerate. Comparatively, the Model X Plaid version has 1020 hp, which makes it even faster. 

With that, Tesla offers a balance of excellent brakes so you can confidently stop the vehicle in traffic. In addition, the vehicle has regenerative braking, so you can drive around without touching the brake pedal. 

Model X’s smart yoke steering wheel makes it feel nimble. Plus, the adaptive suspension and center of gravity decrease the body motion. Not to mention, you get around 8.9 inches of ground clearance with adaptive air suspension. 

Comfort Level of Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X’s better adaptive air suspension also improves ride comfort. Even with 20-inch wheels and high tire pressure of 45 psi, the vehicle can absorb bumps on the road. 

With this quality and a cabin well insulated against outside noise, Tesla Model X creates a comfortable environment for riders. 

Tesla Model X has well-cushioned seats with enough adjustments so one can dial in their personal comfort. But the seats can feel swampy in mildly warm weather because the synthetic leather upholstery used in the seats lacks breathability. 

The Tesla Model X comes with simple-to-use climate controls, but its extra-large windshield lets in more heat than a regular-sized windshield.

Tesla Model X’s Interior 

Tesla Model X has a sleek but not simple interior. The driver’s door opens and closes automatically. Plus, the rear doors open like wings, offering unmatched access to the rear seats. But in low ceiling areas and garages, these doors can be liabilities. 

Also, with this model, Tesla might have taken a step back in the user interface. That’s because the traditional column stalks have been replaced with touch-sensitive buttons. Unfortunately, it has made simple everyday tasks much more distracting. 

However, this tech-savvy Tesla Model is gimmicky in other ways. It has a huge 17-inch touchscreen, which is easier to navigate than the former Model X touchscreen. But one might require more time to learn the menu structure. 

There’s an 8-inch display on the back of the center console for the rear-seat passengers. Tesla Model X also includes a 22-speaker stereo, multiple USB ports, wireless device charging, satellite radio, Bluetooth, and more. 

Tesla Model X’s Tech

While the Tesla Model X is considered a tech-savvy vehicle, it has some shortcomings. For instance, it does not have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. If you have subscribed to the Tesla data plan or are connected to WiFi, you get access to the internet. 

Also, the driver’s features are not as impressive as in other Tesla models. For example, the adaptive control cruise produces false positive collision warnings. Plus, the lane centering feature favors the driver-side line more than the center. 

But the real-time digital map of other vehicles around you can be clearly seen. In addition, you can easily pull the rear view camera anytime. Tesla Model X also brings impressive over-the-air updates to improve system optimizations and new features. 

The big center screen of the vehicle offers a unique Google-based navigation system and crisp graphics. But you might have to deal with temporary map issues in spotty service areas. 

Storage Capacity of Tesla Model X 

Tesla Model X scores extra points as it offers excellent storage capability. You get a combination of a large rear cargo area and the largest front trunk, which makes it best at hauling cargo. Model X can tow up to 5,000 pounds, but you must not use it for towing. 

Tesla Model X offers more creative and better in-cabin storage options. You get sizable storage with configurable drawers under the sliding cover. Although it cannot be considered the most efficient design, it is surely the best setup. 

Range and Efficiency of Tesla Model X 

Previous Tesla Model X has an EPA-estimate range of 348 miles. Per 100 miles, the vehicle consumes 33 kWh. Despite certain shortcomings, Model X had become one of the largest sold EVs. 

You get an 11.5-kW onboard charger and a group of charge cord options, including a 240-volt SAE adapter, 120-volt household adapter, and NEMA 14-50 adapter. 

The adapter works perfectly with Tesla’s nationwide Supercharge network, making it easier to travel long distances. 

Battery Life of Tesla Model X  

On average, the battery of the Tesla Model X can last up to 300,000 to 500,000 miles of operation. But numerous factors can affect the battery life. For this reason, Tesla advises its users to keep the vehicle plugged into the charger when they are not using it. 

Pros and Cons of Tesla Model X

With heart-pumping acceleration, deft handling, and long drive range, Tesla Model X is among the top luxury EVs. 


  • Tesla Model X offers sufficient cargo space. 
  • It comes with a huge touchscreen infotainment system. 
  • Model X has an eye-popping 670 hp that pins you back to the seat. 
  • It offers different charging options. 


  • Third-row seats are a bit cramped. 
  • The base price is very high. 
  • While the rear door offers better access to the rear seat, the door can become a liability in low ceiling areas and garages.

Is the Tesla Model X Worth it?

Compared to other midsized EVs, Tesla Model X’s price is competitive. Tesla has worked on its build quality and offers a good battery range. You also get a performance advantage, but the interior build is not as appealing as in other midsize EVs. 

Tesla is known to offer a competitive warranty of 4 years or 50,000 miles. It’s an average warranty period but less than what other EVs like Jaguar offer. In addition, Tesla provides a powertrain warranty of 8 years of 150,000 miles. 

Overall, the Tesla Model X is a wonderful luxury EV and is definitely worth it. 

Used Tesla Model X For Sale Conclusion

If you want a luxury EV with the utility of an SUV, Tesla Model X should be your pick. So, start your search for Tesla Model X for sale today to get your next Tesla. 

But if you want a Tesla vehicle without all the space of Model X, you can choose models like Model Y or Model 3. Surely, there are other luxury electric SUVs, but Tesla is still one of the head-turning EVs on the road.

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