Is a Used Tesla as Reliable as a New One?

Is a Used Tesla as Reliable as a New One?

Is a used Tesla as reliable as a new one? The booming market of used Tesla cars speaks volumes of the reliability of the vehicles.

The growing interest of people in sales and buying of used Tesla cars is proof itself of its worth. Such an overwhelming response to this vehicle is due to various reasons.

What makes a used tesla reliable?

  1. To begin with, it is the pioneer electric vehicle company. People have developed special confidence in its products.
  2. The engine and other parts of the car have a much longer life than a usual car. That’s why people have faith in the company.
  3. Gone are the days where there was a stigma that every used car must have a problem in it or something. Nowadays, cars are much more dependable and get major repairs after about 100,000 miles.
  4. That is quite a long distance. So, go ahead, there are a lot of used Tesla  vehicles waiting for you.
  5. Nowadays, people usually sell their cars not because they are damaged or ruined but because they want an upgraded version of their vehicles. This is a common practice in high-end vehicle owners, where they rush towards buying the latest models of their luxurious beauties.
  6. When a vehicle is used, then it would cost you less to insure it. You can also choose to drop the collision and comprehensive coverage and save even more. That’s up to you.
  7. If you buy a used Tesla, then you can save at least 30% or more. Hence, you will be able to shop for a higher class of Tesla cars of your liking.
  8. New cars depreciate much earlier than the used ones. For instance, if you bought a new car at $40,000 and after 3 years you sell it at $20,000, then its depreciation will be $20,000. Whereas, if you have bought a used car at $20,000 and after 3 years it is sold at $15,000, then the depreciation is $5000. That is much less than the new car.
  9. Your new car won’t be new forever; it will get worn out after a year or so. But the monthly payments would linger on for a long time. Then is it not better to buy a used Tesla and save some money?

Buying a Used Tesla Model S

Are you interested in buying our 2016 used Tesla Model S 90D? Why don’t you visit our site? You can buy it for about $55000.

You can also make a much cheaper deal and check out our 2015 Tesla Model S 70D. It is available for just $38000.

Is a Used Tesla as Reliable as a New One?

Buying a Used Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is quite famous among its users. You are going to have a variety of options on our site for this model and can easily find your favorite one.

You can find a 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD for a reasonable price of $55,500. A mid-range Tesla Model 3 RWD 2018 is also available for $41000.

Buying a Used Tesla Model Y

Are you in love with the Tesla Model Y? Visit our website as soon as possible because a brand new 2021 used Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD is set to be sold at just $54000.

If you have a decent budget, why don’t you look at another 2020 used Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD for $69,900? 

Buying a Used Tesla Model X

The amazing used Tesla Model X P90D 2016 is available for $ 74,550.

Those who are on a low budget and want to buy a used Tesla Model X then try the Model X P90D in $ 59000.

Is a Used Tesla as Reliable as a New One?


All things considered, if you are on a fence about whether to go for a used Tesla or not, then let us assure you that this is one vehicle that you can rely on even after years of use.

One thing that needs to be taken into account before buying your very own preloved Tesla is how much care the previous owner of the car provided it with.

How about choosing a platform that was built with the sole vision to provide the most reliable, authentic, and reasonably priced used Teslas to its customers? What better option to go with other than TFS when searching for a platform to have the best buying experience?

Get in touch with our team of Tesla experts to find yourself the best and the most reliable deal today.

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