How Tesla Sets Itself Apart From Its Competitors?

How Tesla Sets Itself Apart From Its Competitors?

Tesla was recently seen achieving yet another milestone when it crossed Volkswagen in its worth, being second only to Toyota now. The company was successful in bagging a significant position in the automotive industry in a jiffy. This is usually not normal for a high-end automobile company. Unparalleled design, great performance, and the lavish driving experience are sure to count, but several other competitors offer equivalent if not better features. 

Then what is it that makes ‘The Tesla’  stand out amongst all? On performing thorough research, some unique strategies were observed to be adopted by the company that proved to be the core reasons behind the company’s Success and sets it far apart from its adversaries.

1. Continuous Software Upgrades Provide the Latest Features in the Price of An Old Model

Buying a Tesla is just like buying a lifetime subscription to software that keeps boosting with constant upgrades. The company works on unique software programming that enables it to make frequent upgrades in all its models worldwide. The concept is contrary to the cliche tradition of any upgrades being limited to the launch of a new model.

The software provides all kinds of upgrades, from the power of the vehicle and the way braking is managed to making trivial changes such as leisure upgrades.

This points to the company’s commitment to not just sell its products but to provide its customers with a lifetime of support and facility. Ultimately the company can gain customer’s trust and loyalty and elevate its goodwill.

How Tesla sets itself apart from its competitors

2. Tesla Works on $O Marketing Strategy

In Spite of spending millions on marketing and advertising. Tesla chose to use its biggest marketing tool, its customers. No source can persuade a potential buyer to choose a product more than a satisfied customer. 

Tesla does marketing based on a referral to promote the brand by giving them different kinds of incentives. Customers get something they want or need. Who doesn’t need something for free? The rewards are not always the same. The incentives keep on evolving. For instance,  before the end of October 2015, the referral program offered the person referring others  $1,000 in credit towards a new Tesla or a Tesla service or accessory awarded for every purchase made from their recommendation.

These rewards are, of course, at par with the financial standards of its users.

How Tesla sets itself apart from its competitors

3. Tesla Does Not Allow Any Third Party to Come Between It and Its Customers

Unlike all the other automobile companies, which sell through third parties, a.k.a the dealers and franchise, Tesla chooses to only through the company-owned showrooms. A large network of showrooms has been set up mostly in the urban areas.

The initiative is aimed towards providing the customers with a better buying experience as well as saving them from paying additional charges in the name of dealer service charges. The customers are provided with a smooth and comfortable buying experience in every way possible.

Having company-owned selling centers also prevents the potential conflict of interest.

The company also offers a seamless online experience where the customers can customize and buy their desired Tesla without the hassle of paying countless visits to the showroom. Go to the official website, choose your preferred model and its specification, provide the delivery details and make the payments. Who thought buying a car would ever be made so easy? Thanks to the great service of the Tesla company.

How Tesla sets itself apart from its competitors

4. Tesla is Going with the Need of the Hour – A Sustainable Luxury

With the increased awareness of conscious consumption, people choose products that are environmentally friendly. Tesla claims its mission as a company is “our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” Tesla is looking to build a healthy relationship with consumers that actually care about the environment, being an environmentalist seller. Saying no to the consumption of degradable natural energy resources is one step towards the prevention of global warming. Who wouldn’t go with a car that does not pollute, eliminates visits to gas stations, and has gone green in all aspects? Choose electric vehicles and save your environment.

How Tesla sets itself apart from its competitors

5. Tesla is Saying No to Mass-Production

Tesla once again defied the industry traditions and opted for product quality instead of affordability. With tons of affordable vehicles being mass-produced in the industry, the competition for each of them has intensified. This, ultimately, serves to be of no good to the net revenue of the company. Tesla, taking a unique approach, took the bold step of working on producing a compelling upmarket vehicle. The company produces fewer units, but the profit margin is kept considerable, keeping in view what it has to offer. The production rarely meets the demand, which results in the surge of prices.

How Tesla sets itself apart from its competitors

6. Tesla Chooses to Spoil Its Customers with the Best Customer Care

In some regions, Tesla has employed its staff to provide remote services. These mobile technicians are called Tesla Rangers. The staff is just a phone call away. Having an issue with your Tesla, call the Rangers; they will reach your desired location. All you have to do is to sit back with a cup of coffee and watch them fix your vehicle.

What is more, the Model S can wirelessly upload the data, so most of its bugs can be fixed remotely from the comfort of your home. Imagine not worrying about going to the service center for the small fixes of your EV.

How Tesla sets itself apart from its competitors

7. Tesla Has the Largest On-the-Go Supercharging Network

Tesla is the first EV company to provide the facility of enroute charging of their vehicle. Tesla takes the lead yet again and now operates the largest global EV supercharging network in the world. 25000+ Superchargers have been installed by the company on the main routes all across the world. The company has keenly monitored the most deserving routes, where there is the maximum number of Tesla users available so that the users do not have to worry about running out of battery on long routes. Keep your car when away from home. Just plug in, wait for about 30 minutes, let it charge, and you are good to go. Believe it or not, Tesla won’t charge you a penny for it. One is sure to fall for their great customer care.

How Tesla sets itself apart from its competitors

Bottom Line

There is no such thing as a magic spell that brings an organization to the top. It has to come up with different strategies that make it stand out in the market. The innovative minds in Tesla were sharp enough to choose the right strategies at the right time and took their organization to a whole new level of success and glory. 

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