Top 5 Tesla Accessories

Top 5 Tesla Accessories

From NFC-enabled Tesla Rings to premium quality custom-cut covers – Keep reading as we break down the top 5 Tesla accessories to get in 2021.

The automotive revolution is well underway – and it’s Tesla leading the charge with their impressive range of electric vehicles, such as the all-new Model Y, the stunning Model S, and reliable Model 3.

With this booming increase in electric vehicles sales, it comes as no surprise that Tesla accessories are now flooding onto the market. While Tesla certainly knows what they’re doing when it comes to design and style, many third-party companies are coming up with new and improved features for your favorite electric vehicles.

1. Tesla Ring by CNICK

There’s nothing worse than looking longingly through your window after losing the keycard to open your Tesla.

The new Tesla Ring lets you lock, unlock and start the engine of your car with a simple hand movement, you no longer need to run the risk of being locked out and lost.

Top 5 Tesla Accessories

The concept of smart rings is certainly not new, however, this is the first ring designed entirely for Tesla vehicles. 

Developed by the CNICK team, the ring replicates the original Tesla smart card using RFID NFC technology and has the same integrated chip circuit. And while this may sound complicated, the ring is an incredibly simple accessory to set up and use. 

The rings themselves are handcrafted from wood with a sleek and stylish design, and are 100% waterproof! And, as they are passively NFC-enabled rings, there is no battery and therefore no charging is required.

Currently, only the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have RFID lock/unlock capability, meaning CNICK Rings only work with these two models – for now. Author notes this is one of their favorite Tesla accessories from 2021!

2. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y USB Hub Console

While Tesla certainly prides itself on modern and practical design across all their vehicle models, some third-party companies are now taking it to the next level.

Founded by a small group of engineers and designers, Jeda Products are building premium quality accessories for Tesla vehicles.

Top 5 Tesla Accessories

One of their most popular products is their ingenious upgraded USB hub console for the Model 3 and Model Y. This multi-purpose accessory replaces your center console to add numerous extra functionalities. 

It features a built-in USB-Hub that modifies the original two USB-C ports into four ports in total (two USB-A and two USB-C). This drastically increases the number of gadgets you can have or allows your whole family to charge their devices at once! 

The Jeda console also features wireless charging pads for your smart accessories, such as Apple AirPods, Apple Watch, or Samsung SmartWatch. There’s even a secret storage compartment to hide any valuables you have in your car.

3. Tesla Floor Mats by 3D MAXpider 

Nobody likes a messy car, especially a Tesla. The one part of your car interior that will get the most use, spillages, and general wear and tear is without a doubt the floor mats. While Teslas factory mats are decent, there is always room for an upgrade!

Top 5 Tesla Accessories

The 2021 edition of 3D MAXpider floor mats were voted as the #1 floor mats by Tesla owners. This is due to their patented triple-layer weatherproof protection, perfect fit, and premium texture. The underside of each mat also features an incredibly grippy non-slip layer to prevent the mats from moving after installation. 

After comparing these with other Tesla floor mats on the market, these are unquestionably the best out there! Most other mats follow the industrial, hard-plastic route that provides very little grip and comfort – especially when wet. These premium mats by MAXpider feature a deluxe and textured finish that not only adds comfort and practicality to your vehicle, they also have a layer of XPE Foam that helps reduce vibration within your Tesla.


4. Tesla Model 3 Front Hood Frunk Lift Pneumatic Struts

One of the many fantastic features of all electric vehicles is the absence of an engine, meaning there is a second trunk at the front, aptly named a ‘frunk’.

In all Tesla models, you can open your frunk remotely using the Tesla app for ease of use and to save time. However, the factory frunk only opens a crack and still requires manual lifting of the hood to open all the way. This can be an inconvenience if you are carrying large, heavy items or large amounts of grocery bags.

Top 5 Tesla Accessories

AY Customs has developed an intuitive solution to this problem. The simple addition of pneumatic struts allows the automatic lifting of the frunks hood – completely hands-free! They have been expertly engineered as to not open with excessive force or too abruptly.

They are extremely simple to install as they directly replace the Teslas original struts, all you need is a screwdriver and a little patience! 

Currently, AY Customs only supply replacement struts for the Tesla Model 3 – but we are sure it won’t take them long to bring out products for all other models.

5. CarsCover Custom Fit Weatherproof Tesla Covers

If you’ve just purchased your first Tesla, you’re probably sat in your driveway admiring its beautiful design and finish. 

If only there was a way to ensure your Tesla stays sparkling year-round – Oh wait, there is!

Top 5 Tesla Accessories

CarsCover design custom-fit, heavy-duty Tesla covers that are made from 5 layers of waterproofing fabric with an ultra-soft inner fleece lining. These provide year-round protection from the elements and unwanted bird… deposits. 

Their snug fit design includes two wing mirror pockets, an opening (with zipper) for the charge port, and has integrated mesh webbing to allow airflow through the cover. 

Tesla’s are a work of art and deserve to be kept in the best condition possible. These fantastic covers will protect your car and look good doing it!

And the best part? CarsCover offers custom-cut covers for all major models of Tesla (Model 3, Model X, and Model Y)!

There you have it! Our list of the top 5 Tesla accessories in 2021. If these accessories have blown you away and you’re not in the market for a Tesla, here at Tesla For Sale we have a huge range of all Tesla models – both new and used! We hope you enjoyed Top 5 Tesla Accessories! This list will be updated in 2022.

What are you waiting for? Join the electric revolution today!