The Benefits of Buying a Used Tesla

The Benefits of Buying a Used Tesla

As of 2021, there are a whopping 41,400 electric vehicle charging stations across the United States. Which is staggering considering the amount of EVs that are currently on the road – This is certainly a sign of what is to come.

As the paradigm shifts towards electric vehicles, new and improved Tesla’s and other EVs will flood the market, meaning more and more second-hand Tesla’s are going to be readily available. The used electric vehicle market will without a doubt have explosive growth in the next decade or two as the early pioneers upgrade their vehicles.

From the discounted price to the vehicle’s unprecedented durability – Keep reading as we breakdown the benefits of opting for a used Tesla.

1. The Price of Used Tesla’s

The main reason that people buy anything second-hand, is the discounted price. Why would anyone purchase a used item if it cost the same as a brand-new version? Of course, there are exceptions, but this article is about cars.

Used Tesla’s are almost always cheaper, and depending on the condition and number of miles driven, this price difference can be significant.

Buying a used Tesla

For example, on, we have a 2016 Tesla Model S P90D for sale. The price for this car new, on release, would have been around the $80,000 mark. However, one of our used models listed is up for grabs for a shockingly low $46,000 (with only 119,000 miles on the battery). This is an incredibly low price for such a high-quality vehicle.

The advantage of buying a discounted second-hand Tesla is clearly a fantastic way to introduce yourself into the world of electric vehicles. Whether you are taking a cautionary step (in the right direction) or simply do not have the funds for a brand new car, used Tesla’s provide you with a state of the art EV for a fraction of the price.

2. Tesla’s Incredible Durability

Tesla prides itself on being an amazingly well-made and durable car. One of their major selling points is their benefit for the environment, and if they had to be scrapped after every 150,000 miles – that wouldn’t exactly be looked at as ‘eco-friendly’, would it?

Teslas are clearly built to last. Tesloop (a Tesla only taxi service) were the first to surpass 400,000 miles in one Model X. In this time, the battery only had to be changed once after over 300,000 miles, and the driver admitted he regularly ‘over-charged’ the battery (which is detrimental for its condition).

Buying a used Tesla

The company stated that the Tesla saved them approximately $60,000 on fuel and maintenance bills.

When buying a used Tesla, having miles on the clock is certainly not an issue and should not deter anyone from investing in a second-hand EV.

3. The Fantastic Resale Potential

 So, now you know how durable and long-lasting Tesla’s are, it should come as no surprise one of the benefits of buying a used Tesla is its incredible potential to sell it on once again.

Tesla has been, and we’re sure it always will be, a trending company – there will always be demand for their vehicles, and someone is always going to buy older, used models.

Buying a used Tesla

If you do opt for a used Tesla, perhaps you love it so much and immediately purchase the latest 2021 model straight from the factory, or perhaps they’re just not for you. You can rest easy knowing you would be able to easily resell your second-hand car just as easily as buying it.

Buying a used Tesla is far less of a gamble than any other gasoline car that is likely to break down and lose value by the day.

4. Environmental Impact

Buying anything second-hand is always better for the environment, whether it’s a Model X 100D or a pair of jeans, a new item hasn’t been produced. One of the major selling points for Tesla is how good they are for the environment, so opting for a used Tesla is even better for our planet.

Think about it, if everyone that ever wanted a car bought a brand new one, the construction would never stop. Not to mention the mind-boggling waste produced by scrapping all used vehicles.

Buy a second-hand Tesla closes this production loop, reducing the amount of emissions from creating a new vehicle while simultaneously reducing waste.

Buying a used Tesla

Additionally, if you are buying your first ever EV, you will also never have to fill up with fuel again. Another environmental win (not to mention electricity charging is way cheaper than gas)!

5. You are Joining the Electric Revolution

Let’s be honest, in the not-too-distant future our roads are going to be full of electric vehicles, and probably the majority will be Tesla’s. Countries around the world are continuing to announce bans on gasoline car sales in the coming decades. This will create an EV boom and almost all of us will be driving electric cars, so why not get in early?

Buying a used Tesla is the perfect way to get your foot in the door and join the electric revolution. It’s cheaper, it’s safe, it’s environmental.

Buying a used Tesla

That’s our list of benefits of buying a used Tesla, how many more do you need? If this has blown you away and you’re now in the market for a second-hand Tesla, here at Tesla For Sale we have a huge range of all Tesla models – both new and used! 

What are you waiting for? Join the electric revolution today!