A Complete Guide to Tesla Colors

A Complete Guide to Tesla Colors

Tesla Colors The Complete Guide

Tesla’s cars have been ruling the roads for the past few years. The elegance and perfect design make them one of the most desirable automobiles on the planet. Apart from that, the variety of colors that Tesla offers also have a role in its increased demand.

Research studies have indicated that the color of the vehicle matters a lot when it comes to people’s choices. Nearly 85 percent of people stated that the first thing that they noticed about a car that passed by was the colors.

Comparing Tesla with other automobile manufacturing companies, it does not offer the range of colors that are provided by BMW or other companies like that. However, it should be noted that the company has always been a pioneer that has broken the traditions and gone ahead of what the others have to offer.

If you are planning to buy a Tesla, you need to know everything about the vehicles before making a decision. You do not need to stress yourself, however. In today’s blog post, we will thoroughly discuss the color range that is available in the different models of Tesla. So don’t go anywhere and read on.

Tesla: A Brand you can Trust

Tesla is one of the flagship brands that is manufacturing electric vehicles. There are several features that keep their cars in the race of top vehicles. The innovatively interior design of the car, perfectly working cabin conditioning system, tri-zone temperature control systems, and comfortable seating design makes their models worth a look.

The other important features include a state-of-the-art 17 inches cinematic display that gives a natural and detailed image quality, the best communication setup that helps to coordinate and control the car better, and the best audio system that offers you the inexplicable experience of your life.

What Are the Tesla Colors Available in the Different Models?

Tesla cars are available in five different colors. These colors include silver metallic, solid black, deep blue metallic, red, pearl white. You can choose from any of these colors.

1. Red Color Tesla:

Tesla colors - red

The red color and the shiny, smooth surface give a highly premium look to the car. Although this color is present in many other vehicles, the best thing is that many people still like it. The reason is that the color red indicates dominance and superiority. Many researchers have stated that people who want the color red have the desire to look different.

The red color Teslas are the most expensive cars offered by the enterprise. The company charges extra dollars if you want a red tesla.

2. Silver Metallic Tesla:

The silver metallic color that Tesla offers is aesthetically pleasing and implies a sense of elegance and luxury. According to color psychology experts, people who like silver color are more intuitive and insightful. It means that they are resourceful and believe in progress and success.

3. Deep Blue Tesla:

Just like the performance that Tesla promises to provide, the deep blue color gives an impression of calm and reliability. The deep blue color that is accompanied by premium design gives a feeling that is inexplicable.

The blue color also looks brighter and prominent. There are lesser chances of getting your car stained if the color is dark. If you are a person who likes excessive traveling, you can take your blue tesla vehicle to wherever you want to.

There is also an interesting fact about the blue color that the blue color does not get old. No matter how many times you wash your car or take it for service, it will always be as shiny and bright as it used to be.

4. Solid Black Tesla:

Tesla colors - solid black

Black has always been the most favorite color among car lovers. It was so popular back then that the first mass-produced car Ford Model T was only available in black color.

The majesty and charisma of the black color have been further polished by Tesla. It gives such a sophisticated look to your car that it is unparalleled. The black color also looks sharp and prominent. If you are a person who believes in achieving high goals and establishing a class of your own, black is the go-to color for you. Most of the companies which build premium cars have their models, which are available in black color. The thing which differentiates Tesla from them is the depth and originality of the paint. It feels like the color has not been applied to the car, but the car was built of a substance that was black in color.

5. Pearl White Tesla:

For the people who love light color, Tesla has made it possible to choose from the different models that are available in white color.

The white color is a sign of sophistication and decency. It is a color that is loved by people who love to lead. Like your Tesla, which has ruled the Vehicles World for years now, you can change your character’s persona with your pearly white Tesla.

Many people like the white color, and it can be resold very quickly if the condition of the car is good and mileage is acceptable. Thus it will not result in the loss of your money if you spend it on white Tesla.

Although it is sometimes difficult to keep your white Tesla clean and prevent it from scratches, the way how the color has been applied to the car surface makes it really easy to. Maintain the texture of the car.

6. Brown Metallic Tesla:

Brown-colored cars are often liked by old school people and those people who want to look unique. The brown color cars used to be very popular in the 70s and 80s. Over the years, however, they were replaced by new colors.

The rejuvenation of the brown color in the vehicle industry occurred in the early 2000s. However, the number of vehicles that were produced with brown color was not many. The number of brown cars is increasing now. Although Tesla does not offer brown color, you can apply brown color to your Tesla whenever you want. Believe me; You will not be the first one to do so.

The brown color is often associated with strength and endurance. If you are a nature lover, you can buy a brown metallic tesla as it connects to mother earth.

7. Green Metallic Tesla:

Green has been introduced in the vehicle industry recently. Many companies are making cars that are green in color. Tesla has not yet introduced any model that has a green color. However, if you like green color, you can change the color of your Tesla to green.

The green color is a sign of comfort and quality. The sophisticated design accompanied by the shiny surface and green metallic look will give the best combination to your car.

If you love to visit nature, a green tesla can be an excellent choice for you as it will help you to build an attachment with mother nature.

8. Grey Metallic Tesla:

The grey colors of the Tesla are loved by people who frequently want to change their cars. Just like the white-colored Tesla, the Grey Tesla also has a more significant potential of being resold again.

The market price of the grey Tesla does not decrease as compared to bright colored Tesla. It is because the scratches and dents, if present, are more prominent in the bright colors as compared to the light colors.

Grey color stands for neutrality. It means that you have a personality that is more balanced and up to mark. You like to take a step that is more stable and better.

9. Pink Color Tesla:

Pink is a color that is often associated with the female gender. However, more and more men are inclined to buy pink-colored cars these days. The light color and smooth texture look really great if the vehicle has been painted carefully.

Although Tesla does not offer pink-colored cars, Tesla can be transformed into a pink car. The results obtained are highly great.


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Bottom Line

The range of the colors that Tesla offers is limited. Many people criticize Tesla for this, but the out-of-the-box thinking of Elon Musk and the innovative technologies of the vehicles put Tesla in the position to rule the automobile industry. Tesla is currently leading the electric vehicles industry in the US and China. It is further planning to expand the production of the cars by establishing a manufacturing plant in Shanghai and Texas.

The colors that Tesla offers are original, vivid and lively. The technology that is used to apply the colors to the car surface is new and not used by many automobile companies.

All the colors that we have discussed above are beautiful and unique in their own way. As we mentioned earlier, liking a particular color is essentially a personal choice. But if you are planning to buy a Tesla, you should buy one because its colors are very promising.

That is what we have for you in today’s blog post. We hope that you would have liked it. If you have any questions, concerns or queries, you can always contact us at our email address. We will try our best to reach back to you and answer your questions. Stay blessed and happy.